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Plasterboard Ceiling

When people re-decorate their homes, in terms of the interior, they often tend to focus on the walls and floors. The ceiling is often an afterthought, yet an ugly, non-aesthetic ceiling can really put a dampener on any room and will really bring down the ambience of the entire room. In terms of creating a stunning ceiling that is not only functional, but also practical, a plasterboard ceiling is ideal. But just what is it about plasterboard that makes it so desirable, and is there anything else you should know about it before you use it in your home? Here are a few key things you should know about plasterboard ceilings.

Plasterboard is made of gypsum – In case you were wondering, plasterboard is made from a special material known as gypsum. Gypsum is primarily made of microscopic crystals which contain trace amounts of water. The gypsum is found in the middle of two sheets of lining paper, with each sheet making up the outer layer. Different materials can be added or taken away, to help adjust the thickness and strength of the plasterboard.

Plasterboard is fire-resistant – As mentioned, the crystals found in the gypsum, contain small traces of water. In the event of a fire, this water is forced away, which in turn brings the temperature down and prevents the fire from spreading via the ceiling. Therefore, plasterboard actually provides certain degrees of fire-resistance.

Plasterboard reduces noise – If you’re worried about noise pollution, plasterboard is great as it provides acoustic advantages, which help drown out noise. Even basic plasterboard provides acoustic benefits for sound-proofing, though you can also purchase special materials that provide even more impressive sound-proofing, so it is well worth considering.

You can select different edge options – When purchasing plasterboard, you will generally find that each sheet can be purchased with various size options, along with different edge options. You can go for a square edge, or a tapered edge. If you prefer more of a textured finish, a square edge would be better. For skimming or joining however, tapered edges are more beneficial.

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