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The importance of Pelmet

Interestingly, a considerable number of home owners often neglect the importance of having proper pelmets. Many home owners tend to remove the existing pelmets particularly in the event of a remodeling. Although some might feel that a pelmet is a pretty old-school decoration, every home owner must know the actual purpose of having a pelmet. Don’t be surprised to hear that a pelmet can improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner and help cutting down energy bills.

How does a pelmet helps keeping home cool during hot days?

Hot days are not rare in a country like Singapore. Anyone can easily experience the difference between the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature during hot days. During these hot days, the heat outside will move into the home particularly through glass window. The glasses behind the curtain will be get heated due to the outside heat. If there is no proper curtain, the internal air will make a direct contact with the heated window and gradually the inner temperature will rise.

If the curtain in front of the window isn’t effective enough, it will hardly stop heat from entering the room. But, the valance can act like a shield to stop the rising heated air behind the curtain. It thereby prevents the heat entering the room. So, your air conditioner will have relatively less work to do and therefore, it consumes less power.

The use of pelmet during cool days

Although Singapore is a generally hot country, you may experience relatively cooler days and nights occasionally. An aspect like properly installed ceiling can keep indoor temperature comfortable during cool days. When indoor air gets warmed up, it rises up to your ceiling. When the heated air cools down once again, it comes down. The air will be significantly cooled as soon as it contacts the window glass.

In this case, pelmet works again as a shield that avoids comfortable warmer air from contacting already cooled glass window. So, the pelmet once again does an important job to keep the condition of the air at a comfortable warmth.

Also, the pelmet helps hiding the fixtures of the curtains. With the assistance of pelmet, you will be able to maintain the good looks of your interior.

Now that you know the importance of having a pelmet, it is a wise move to have them. If you can find a good ceiling partition work company, you can get some innovative, trendy pelmet designs that complements your modern home environment.

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