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Partition Wall Types

Partition walls come in different materials, as well as designs that further classify them into various types. They have transformed over the years from the generic concrete and brick partition walls to the more stylish drywall and moveable partitions. Some of the popular partitions used in homes, offices and formal settings are;

  • Brick Partition Wall: This type of partition wall comes in three major categories; plain brick partition walls, which involves layering bricks on cement mortars, a reinforced brick wall which is constructed by using iron straps to reinforce the bricks after every third course and brick nogging, having brickworks between wooden frameworks.This kind of partition wall is often durable; however, aesthetics is not quite amazing.
  • Glass Partition Wall:Glass partition walls come in two different types; sheet glass and hollow glass partition walls. Sheet glass consists of several panels, which might be square or rectangular in shape, divided by sheet glasses that have been fused with wooden frameworks. The advantages of glass partitions are that they are relatively cheap, easy to construct and their sound insulating property is high.The major con is that due to its fragility, glass partition wall is difficult to maintain. However, this problem can be managed by using reinforced glass sheets.
  • Concrete Partition Wall: As the name implies, this type of partition wall is made from concrete. It is either plain or reinforced which can either be cast in situ or constructed from layers of blocks.
  • Metal Lath and Plaster Partition Wall:These two materials are fused together to form a reinforcement, while steel or timber is used to position the metal lath. This partition wall has high durability, strength, and resistance to fire. Its thinness is also a plus.
  • Wooden Partition Wall: This is also known as timber partition. It consists of wooden frameworks that are firmly fixed to the ground or supported by side walls. This wall is prone to insect infestation and decay, in addition to notbeing fire resistant.
  • Drywall Partition Wall: Due to the lightweight, durability, and partition, it is often used in homes, schools, hotels and other public places. They are easy to construct when compared to other forms of partitions, they also have high acoustic performance, allowing very little noise, if any at all, pass through them. They are also attractive and can add a decorative vibe to the room.
  • Moveable Partition Wall:Moveable Partition walls may come in various materials such as glass or wood. The real big deal here is that they are easy to move around. Often usedin modern Office settings, moveable Partition walls have various advantages. They can be relocated to create extra space, they are mobile, save time and easy to construct. They also last long when handled carefully.

Whether you’re seeking aesthetics or durability, there’s a partition wall for you. It is advisable to, however, consider the pros and cons of the different types of partition walls to determine which is most suitable for you. Modern partition walls offer great creative designs and exquisite styles.

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