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Getting Smart with Curtain Pelmets

A curtain pelmet refers to the framework positioned over a window, ideal for hiding curtain fixtures. Surprisingly, many people don’t put much thought into their pelmet design and installation possibly because they think it’s connected to their choice of windows. This is untrue. Pelmets have enough attributes to receive their own spotlight.

If you bring to your curtain pelmets the same enthusiasm and curiosity you brought to your cabinets and closets, then you would have a better-looking home. Admirable in every way. It takes only little of your creativity, accessories, and money to make the right moves pertaining to the decoration of your window’s interior.

Here are some ideas for your curtain pelmet options;

Wooden Pelmet

These are custom made wood designs that are carved and colored to suit your house’s interior. Carvings display all the decorations rendering fabrics useless in this art. A wide range of curtains goes well with the wooden pelmet.

Pelmet with Side Panels

Rather than only cover the top side, this type of pelmet extends down the two sides of the window to the sill. The result? A striking and eccentric look for your house.

Contemporary Pelmet Design

This design uses lighter and softer fabrics than the others. Its simplicity is further displayed in the gentle patterns and small prints that surround it. A perfect choice for a modest room.

Upholstery Pelmet design

Contrary to the contemporary pelmet, the upholstery design employs too much finishing to its projects. Often associated with a lot of curtains and blinds, it is most suitable for formal settings.

What Good does a Curtain Pelmet Do You?
Curtain pelmets, through the science of convection current, help regulate temperature within the room. As the hot air ascends to the valance, the pelmet keeps the temperature leveled by preventing the warmth from fleeing through the slit. You can also control the entry of the sun’s light into the room as you wish.

Need to cover up any visible tube or track above the box? Install Pelmets to give your room a streamlined look by further camouflaging any sloping floors or ceilings.

Also, they make your windows appear taller creating an illusion of an opened up room.

Don’t just stare at the void section of wall on top of your window. Collaborate with us to design your own curtain pelmet, creative in fabric, style, shape, and size.

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