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Vaulted Ceilings

 Nowadays, most of properties are built the same, and the ones that have that ‘WOW’ factor are those that have been funded with millions. But, there are ways to obtain a unique element to a building. Ideally, you want something that will enable you to stand out from the crowd, but also be financially-friendly.

Other than decorative methods, you could opt for a totally different design with a vaulted ceiling. They’ve been in existence for centuries, and they serve an essential purpose in the right scenario. But, throughout the years, they’ve evolved to be useful in more and more types of buildings.

Originally, they were invented for use in cathedrals. They allow architects to give the area a more open feel, because it would add a whole lot of height to it. If you were to compare traditional ceilings with a vaulted ceiling, you’d easily be able to notice that the latter gives the illusion of more space.

But, that idea quickly spread into homes, and people now associate the high ceilings with luxury and class. There are many variants that you can select from, such as a dome vault, barrel vault or rib vault. Although, the most common is probably the barrel vault, and that’s because they’re arguably the simplest.

Now, when it comes to vaulted ceilings, there are a ton of benefits that accompanies them. For instance, they allow a magnificent amount of natural lighting into the room, if you add strategically placed sky lights. In addition, you can instil a beautiful sense of character into the area, as you can keep the wooden beams exposed.

Plus, you’ll feel like you aren’t wasting any space in the property. This is because the unused attic space you’d normally have, will be utilized as a design feature. Another advantage is that any excess heat that makes you feel uncomfortable, can escape into the top half of the room. However, there are some limitations with vaulted ceilings.

The first one is that you instantly lose that homely, cosy feeling to your property. Even if you try to claim it back through your décor, you’ll still struggle to create a homely area. Furthermore, as the ceilings are high, it makes cleaning them very challenging and time-consuming. Also, you can’t construct a vaulted ceiling into an existing building, they must be built from the start, otherwise you’ll encounter structural issues.

Ultimately, the best thing about vaulted ceilings is their fantastic design aspect; they truly look outstanding when utilized in a home. There are a few downfalls, and they can be expensive, but all of the positive features definitely outweigh them. So, if you want the façade of a bigger area, and vaulted ceilings suit your style, then consider looking into it!

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