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Acoustic Panels, in a very layman language, are surfaces that absorb sound waves.

You might have any of these two ideas in your mind right now regarding acoustics: One – The acoustics of a church or a theatre you just visited was so great. You could hear everything very clearly and the volume was perfect with no echoing. Two- The sound from your home-theatre was too noisy and echoing. You couldn’t hear the dialogues clearly and if someone spoke, you lost track of the story. Well, both of them are a really good example of the amazing use of acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels are basically any material that absorbs sound. These are carefully designed sound-absorbing and sound diffusing panels extensively used in hotels, theatres, gym, recording studios, etc.

The science of sound

Sound ways, on generation, tends to move in every possible direction. They release from your mouth or the home-theatre and scoots away. As soon as it meets any resistance like a table, the wall, the ceiling, etc. it reflects and reverbs back, and now mixing with the other sounds as they are still moving in the first direction. This process continues until the sound wave loses all its energy. The multiple reflected waves sometimes enter the mic or your ears creating the noise that you hear and hate.

The function of acoustic panels, here, is to absorb these soundwaves so that the waves lose their energy really soon. With no energy left, the sound cannot reverb, providing you with a single perfect noiseless sound for the job.

Types of Acoustic Panels:

Based on the frequency of the sound wave and the type of sounds you want to eliminate, many kinds of acoustic panels are available in the market today.

  • Acoustic bass traps: These are the panels usually mounted on the corners of the room to resist the multiple reflections of low-frequency sounds. Bass is created by the low-frequency sound waves. These waves reflect the most near the corners creating extreme bass that could ruin the ambiance of the place.
  • Triangle or Pyramid wedge acoustic foam panels: These are precisely cut wedges that can absorb both low and high-frequency waves. Though they absorb high frequency sounds more significantly, it is combined with bass traps for maximum efficiency. They are sometimes also known as 3D acoustic panels.
  • Acoustic wooden and fabric panels: These panels come in varients for both high-frequency absorption and bass absorption. Due to their natural occurrence, the high absorption capacity and their versatile range of options, such panels have become a liking to a lot of people.

Applications of acoustic panels:

Acoustic panels are used in many places. They make sure the area has no reflections and reverberation of sound waves whatsoever. Moreover, they make the place aesthetically and acoustically a pleasant location. Some of the locations include:

  • Library
  • Music recording studios
  • Restaurants
  • Meeting room
  • Stadiums
  • Theatre
  • Auditoriums
  • Dance Studios
  • Gym, etc.

With the recent advancements in this field, soundproofing and acoustic treatment have become very affordable. You don’t need to have any knowledge of how the sound works. Just hire the professionals and tell them the problem. They will take care of the rest well within your budget. We partner professional acoustic treatment companies to provide best quotes for acoustic panels solutions. Contact us to get your best quote for acoustic panels.