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Partition Wall Singapore

How many fans are there of those homes with beautiful partition walls that they usually showcase in the magazines? I’m sure there are a whole lot of them. Partition wall is one of the most underrated yet elegant details that can be added to any room.

Partition walls not only gives options to hang paintings, memorabilia, tools, or other items but it also gives options to improve the privacy. A partition wall can easily be used to separate out the space for office, space for privacy in a room, separate space for siblings, and other purposes.

Partition walls might be solid, constructed from bricks or they can be a work of framed construction. The framed types are commonly referred to as stud walls. Such walls are usually constructed from timber, aluminum, steel, or clay frames clad with a type of boarding such as plasterboard, metal, timber, or fireboard.

Partition walls come in different shapes and sizes. There are different types of partition walls available in the market. The partition walls are purpose-designed and these walls are constructed accordingly. Partition walls can easily incorporate openings, doors, windows, pipework, ducting, sockets, architraves, wiring, and so on. Usually, the common types of partition walls are:

  • Drywall partition
  • Glass partition
  • Metal Lath and Plaster partitions
  • C. Sheet or G.I. Sheet partition
  • Hollow block partition of clay or concrete
  • Concrete partitions

Building a partition wall is fairly easy. However, there are few important points that should not be neglected.

The first point is that the local authority needs to have the full insight of the work that is involved in the building. The work involved should not be invading the regulations. The fire resistance, ventilation, and light regulations should also be kept in mind. If the new wall has a doorway, then a new door along with proper carpentry work needs to be carried out to build the doorway properly. The thickness of the door needs to match the thickness of plastic, timber, or concrete material of the wall.

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