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Gypsum Board Ceiling

The Gypsum board, also called drywall (or drywall partitioning), is simply a wall panel made from compressed gypsum, used to make interior walls and ceilings after they have been coated in a durable paper. For many years, this material has been used in various areas of construction like homes, schools, offices, etc. Why? This is because it helps you get the job done on time and it’s not expensive.


The gypsum board is used for ceilings by attaching them to a wooden ceiling beam using nails or screws and then are finished off. During construction, each panel comprises of the gypsum mineral which is the major ingredient of POP (plaster of Paris) and also a cement component.

There are also ceiling systems that comprise of a lattice suspended from a ceiling either by a wire or string. These ceiling systems are simply tiles that are laid on lattices. The major use can be found in offices and commercial buildings due to the aesthetic and acoustical properties they possess.

Advantages of the Gypsum Board Ceiling

There are a couple of advantages of the gypsum board ceiling and they are:

Easy to Install. Due to their large size ranging from 48-inches to 54-inches width and 8-12 feet length, they can quickly cover large ceiling areas. They require fewer tools and do not take much time to install. Just two workers are enough to handle the panels since they cover large areas within a short period.

Durable. Gypsum board ceilings are used in construction because they are highly stable and durable. Their surfaces are easily decorated and refinished.

Fire-resistant. People make use of gypsum board ceilings because of the high noncombustible nature comprising of 21% water which is chemically combined. Under heat conditions, the water is released as steam of which it retards heat transfer, therefore, preventing a spread of fire.

Economical. Using the gypsum board ceiling is very economical because it is readily available and inexpensive. Its easy-to-apply properties along with the materials that are less expensive offer an interior finish which is fire-resistant. In short, this system can be installed at a very low labor cost compared to other systems.

Versatile. Do you know that the gypsum board covers various design requirements? Well, it is adaptable to various decoration forms, easy to repair, easy to use, readily available, etc. All these and more make it have an edge over every other product used for surfacing.


Limitations of the Gypsum Board Ceiling

We have seen the uses and advantage of using the gypsum board ceiling; however, there are a few limitations of this amazing product.

Firstly, it doesn’t absorb too well and therefore might not be preferred in terms of soundproof. Another problem is that gypsum products are not resistant to water damage. If you are constructing in an area with high moisture content, you will have to make use of a gypsum wallboard which is chemically treated to make it moisture resistant.

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