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Ceiling Partition

A ceiling is an interior surface which covers the upper limits of a room. Ceilings can be decorated with preferences.
There are various types, but the most common of all is the dropped ceiling which is suspended from structural elements. Ceilings play an important role as it reduces the risk of a fire hazard and at the same time act as shelter.

Ceiling partition
Ceiling partition is a light, non-structural wall, which is used to especially organize interior space. In between ceilings, a removable partition is fixed in place. It is easy to install. This partition comes in different styles, in which the position of a mobile partition can be changed according to need.
These ceilings are made of different material such as wood, glass or other materials, including those with acoustic qualities.

Application of ceiling partition
Ceiling partitions are used in building interiors to create highly aesthetic spatial arrangements. These even add style and beauty to the building.
The ceiling partition acts as a good tool which absorbs sounds and resists fire or humidity. Advanced partitions enhance folding, sliding, and roll-ups.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Stylish

How partitions create more space
Whether you choose ceiling partition for your home, office or other places, these partitions create some separate spaces. It is a perfect solution for privacy.

The partition adds an extra spark to the wall you want to create. Installing a ceiling partition will create maximum division which would even provide you with ample space. For such a partition, you can choose to go with different styles, designs, and sizes.

At times it can be difficult to install the partition but you can definitely make a good try with a solid wooden or plaster panel. The removal method is really easy, so don’t worry about choosing these.

Partition comes in different materials. One of the most stylish to go with is a glass partition. Glass ceiling partitions are making a great development in the interior design market. These partitions create the illusion of wide, accessible space, making the area feel so much bigger whilst still maintaining boundaries. These partitions do not promote privacy, so choose wisely, as style is all it satisfies.

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