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Ceiling Boards

A ceiling board is a horizontal slab used for covering the topmost section of the room or internal space. It is nothing but a shell concealing the underside of the roof structure. Ceiling boards are of different types and can be decorated to taste.

Different types of ceiling boards:

  1. Gypsum ceiling boards
    Gypsum ceiling board is a typical gypsum board which is manufactured as a half-inch thick material designed for application on interior ceilings. It consists of a core of aerated gypsum firmly bonded and coated in with strong paper liners.

2. Waterproof ceiling boards
With the widespread of technology, there are companies which are offering an array of waterproof boards which are roughly used for house doors, false ceilings, and at other places. Waterproof boards are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes.
Here are some of its features:
– Waterproof
– Modern look
– Resistance to temperature

3. False ceiling boards
These types of ceiling boards aim at satisfying their clients with their fantastic look and enhances the look of the house with amazing and eye catching decor.
Here are some of its features:
– Perfect durability
– Striking design
– Even finish

4. Acoustic ceiling boards
An acoustic ceiling board is a special kind of board specially designed for sound reduction. This type of ceiling board is made of sound absorbing materials.
Acoustic ceiling board is fitted at places for sound insulation. Hence when sound passes through these boards, the intensity of sound is reduced.

Advantages of ceiling boards:

  • Fire resistive
    Ceiling board is fire resistive sensible. It is mainly used for giving interior finish and is a tremendous fire resistive factual.
  • Sound attenuation
    The key consideration in the designing of a building is controlling of unwanted sound and its transmission to adjoining rooms. Gypsum ceiling board helps in controlling sound transmission.
  • Economy
    Ceiling boards are readily and easily available. They are inexpensive wall surfacing offering a good interior finish along with protection.

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