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False Partition Wall: Purposes and Considerations

False partition walls are architectural elements used in construction works to achieve specific purposes. They come in different forms, materials, and designs depending on purposes for which they are required. False walls are never part of the larger structural grid. They’re simply one of the subsets of a building that are not connected to the weight-bearing skeleton of the building such as the floors, slab beams and columns, but are essentially useful in creating aesthetic values as well as a number of other purposes.

Most large structural grids do not permit much flexibility considering the fact that the structures need to be done in certain ways, so they can transmit loads effectively as well as guarantee safety and durability. Hence, false walls are often used to meet some of the shortcomings created by the major structural masonry. They are lightweight and therefore, do not put much burden on the main building structure. False walls can be made from different materials such as, glass, timber, metal, brick, galvanized sheet, and clay, among others. Some of the building construction aspects where false partition walls can be found useful include but not limited to the following:

  • Useful for large spaces partitions
    False walls are like plug-ins in homes and office complexes used for the partitioning of large spaces. They can be used to create bedroom, bathroom, closet or changing room from a single large space. In office complexes, false walls are used to create cubicles and cabins. They’re important because they allow for easy modification of the layout of the space whenever there is a need to do so.


  • Useful for aesthetic statements
    They can be used to make aesthetic statements in the decoration of spaces in homes as well as for creating seclusions. False walls can be designed to give pleasing and sophisticated looks to the living areas. Since they are wallpaper friendly, they can allow as many designs as your creativity would permit to give your living room more vibrant looks.


  • Useful for hiding essential services
    False walls are also useful in hiding the routes of services like electrical conduits, air conditioning ducts, plumbing lines, etc. Having all electrical conduits exposed won’t give good visual statement about your home. Hence, it is better to place the electrical wires and AC Ducts in the false walls.


  • Useful for insulating space from sound and hot temperature
    When constructing false walls, it is usually good to separate the partition from the main wall to give room for air gap. This air gap acts as insulator helping to regulate the temperature of a room as well as restricts dramatic changes in temperature. The air gap also works as sound insulator to reduce sound travels through air.

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