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Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings are the series of indentations found on the surface in a home. In architecture terms, a ceiling’s sunken panel which has vaults and domes interiors on it is known as the coffer.

“Coffered” was coined from the French word “Coffre”, meaning box, which refers to the box-shape kind of construction for making it. This kind of ceiling has a grid-like kind of look with beam boxes attached to the ceiling panels, crisscrossed on the ceiling diagonally or horizontally.

From century to century, ceilings have been constructed using coffers. As a matter of fact, coffers were used for disguising some forms of architecture where just one brace or beam would be needed for construction while the others present served for the purpose of visual symmetry. Also, for structural distribution, hollows were used. In general, coffers have been used majorly for decoration purposes.

Creation of Coffer Ceilings

There are 2 major ways to create coffer ceilings:

  1. If a crossbeam framework or roof beam is placed on the ceiling which will create space in the middle of the beam boxes. From the way the beams protrude, it makes the space look sunken.
  2. Taking of the ceiling material to make you get a hole drilled or press a surface which is flat with the aim, of creating an indentation of which a sunken imprint is created into an uncured concrete.

If method one is used, it would alter the ceiling’s height while using the alternative method would aid in gaining additional space in favor of the whole volume of whichever room it is installed in, within the home. However, most people prefer the method mentioned first in creating coffered ceilings but have different ways of carrying it out. It is the job of a finish ceiling work specialist in designing the design framework of the coffered panels.

Where Should Coffered Ceilings be installed?

If you are looking for a sophisticated and refined look in any room of your house, then you should get coffered ceilings installed there. Whenever you are still selecting the room where it is to be installed, you should consider the one with large space which would be enough for elegant treatment. If you want to add more value to it, then it is best you install throughout your home.

Here are some places in your home where you can install coffered ceilings:

  1. Master bedrooms with higher ceilings
  2. Living rooms
  3. Home entertainment rooms
  4. Dining rooms
  5. Study rooms and home offices

Your home gets that unique look it deserves if you install coffered ceilings; to get the best design that fits your home, you should contact professionals who would give you his or her own opinion about it. This is simply because the design depends on various factors like the room’s shape, height and a bunch of other factors.

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