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Partition Wall Design

If you happen to own an office space, whether it be downtown, or even in the comfort of your own home, there’s a good chance that you will have looked into partition walls at some point. Partition walls are not only there to help enhance the décor of your office space, they are also designed to be functional and to serve a real purpose. Sometimes known as a wall divider, partition walls are commonplace in offices and schools worldwide. If you get a little creative however, you can create some truly amazing partition wall designs in no time at all. If you’re thinking of going with a partition wall, here are some design tips to help make your job that little bit easier:

Create a frame – Up first you will need to create a frame for your partition wall. The frame can be constructed from sawn timber and will consist of a head plate, a sole plate, vertical studs which stand between the two plates, and finally, what are known as noggings, which are designed to help add support to keep the frame nice and rigid. Once your frame is up, you can then turn your attention onto phase two of the operation.

Insulate – If you’re putting up a solid partition wall, it is a good idea to insulate the wall. Not only will this help to keep the heat out, but it will also help to drown out the sound. At home or in the office, having a partition wall that helps drown out the sound is certainly very beneficial. Before you go ahead and plasterboard the wall, you first may wish to use slab insulation, which easily slots in place. If you go ahead and hire partition wall and ceiling experts to put your partition wall up for you, they will provide all of the necessary insulation for you, making your job that little bit easier.

Get creative – The great thing about partition walls is the fact that they can be as simple or as complex as you would like. You can have a basic partition wall installed, perhaps in an office to help separate one room from another. Or, you can go with slightly more unique and adventurous designs instead. For example, you could have a partition wall made up of what appear to be individual posts or pillars, running from floor to ceiling. These pillars can be spaced evenly apart and can be painted or finished in any colour or design you like. You can even have partition walls in unusual designs such as crisscross patterns, or swirls or floral designs perhaps? The ideas are endless when it comes to partition walls, so speak to your partition wall specialists and see what amazing designs they can come up with for you.

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