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False ceiling

In most typical construction situations, a false ceiling isn’t going to be called for. Instead, you’re going to have a gypsum or drywall/plaster based material applied directly to the ceiling joists in the process is pretty simple and straightforward.

However, if you’re looking to move forward with new HVAC ducting, new lighting, new sound wiring, or other electrical and networking solutions that had to be run outside of your ceiling joists as opposed to inside of the ceiling joist bays, a false ceiling is going to be the way to go.

Partition Wall

Partition walls not only gives options to hang paintings, memorabilia, tools, or other items but it also gives options to improve the privacy. A partition wall can easily be used to separate out the space for office, space for privacy in a room, separate space for siblings, and other purposes.

Partition walls might be solid, constructed from bricks or they can be a work of framed construction. The framed types are commonly referred to as stud walls. Such walls are usually constructed from timber, aluminum, steel, or clay frames clad with a type of boarding such as plasterboard, metal or wood.

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To achieve perfect soundproofing, you can go beyond avoiding hard materials and use sound-absorbing materials. One of the most popular options, in this case, is acoustic foam. It can improve the overall sound-quality inside a room. They are porous, soft to the touch and significantly lightweight. They easily absorb sound and prevent noise from bouncing back. If you intend to build a home theatre without the disturbance of bouncing sound, acoustic foam is a prominent option. They are also ideal to be used for a music room, podcasting room or even for a recording room.